Troll- Tastic Valentine

Troll Tastic Heart idea sm

Troll- Tastic Valentine


  1. Large Foil Wrapped Chocolate heart– found mine in the Valentines day section of my local grocery store 
  2. Wiggle eyes
  3. Pink Craft felt
  4. Scissors
  5. Marabou Feather/ or feather boa
  6. Small flower
  7. Sharpie
  8. Glue


  1. Glue on the top of your heart a piece of a feather boa or marabou feathers
  2. Glue a small flower to the center
  3. Cut out of felt some ears and a nose and glue on
  4. Glue on wiggle eyes
  5. Draw on a mouth and eyelashes with your sharpie
  6. Add a Troll-Tastic tag if desired 



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