Easter Basket Fairy Garden

easter basket fairy garden sm

Easter Basket Fairy Garden

Tired of the same old Easter baskets? This is a fun way to mix up the traditional Easter basket into something fun and different!


  1. Basket with handle (any kind will work, but a larger one gives more room for the items)
  2. Hot glue and glue gun
  3. Fine Glitter
  4. Hemp cording 
  5. Jumbo Popsicle stick
  6. Brown craft paint and brush
  7. Fake moss and ground cover
  8. Small rocks (fish tank rocks work great)
  9. Artificial plants
  10. Plastic liner (black garbage bag works great) and dirt
  11. Scissors
  12. Fairies (find the sleeping fairy HERE and the reading fairy HERE)
  13. Misc. Fairy garden items


  1. Cut liner and place inside of basket
  2. Fill basket with dirt
  3. Trim your jumbo Popsicle stick down to desired size and paint brown
  4. Hot glue 2 long piece of hemp to each side of popsicle stick to make a swing out of it
  5. Tie each end of your hemp to the basket handle (making your swing the desired height)
  6. To make your glitter stepping stones, drip hot glue into blobs in a small cup of glitter and shake gently, let cool
  7. Place your artificial plants around in your basket
  8. Glue some moss and ground cover on the basket handle and on some of the basket edges
  9. Place your fairy items around in your basket along with your glitter stepping stones to the desired look 

NOTE: To make it more seasonal you could add some small bunnies, Easter eggs, ect to your garden



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