Easter Bunny Treat Bags


Easter Bunny Treat Bags


  1. Paper lunch bags
  2. Pink card stock (pain or designed) or construction paper
  3. Glue stick
  4. Ribbon
  5. Scissors


    1. Fold lunch bag in half (hot dog style)
    2. Trim the top half of the bag from the outside point down towards the center (about a 1/4 of the way down) then cut straight across
    3. Open bag up
    4. Take both outer ear pieces and open them up flattening out the ears 
    5. Cut out 2 inside ear pieces from your pink paper
    6. Glue onto the paper bag ears
    7. Fill bag with treats
    8. Bunch bag just below the ears and tie closed with a ribbon

I seen this idea on this page HERE several years ago and just loved it, so of course we had to make some up for the kiddos this year! I sure hope you love how they turned out! 



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