Easter Pizza Pans and Cookie Sheets

Easter Pizza Pans smm

Easter Pizza Pans & Cookie Sheets


  1. Pizza Pans and Cookie Sheets ( I purchased mine at a local dollar store)
  2. White spray and Pink paint
  3. Glitter blast spray paint (Diamond dust, Gold and Posh Pink)
  4. Black marker
  5. Large wiggle eyes (size depends on your preference)
  6. Black craft wire
  7. Pink button
  8. White and pink craft foam
  9. Burlap (sheets or extra wide ribbon)
  10. Small piece of orange felt
  11. Scissors
  12. Large white pom pom
  13. Yellow Marabou feather boa
  14. Glue ( I used a hot glue gun and glue but if you live in a colder climate you might want to use a strong adhesive such as a metal or glass glue)
  15. Burlap or hemp twine
  16. Flowers and ribbon


  1. Start by priming the pans with white spray paint
  2. Once dry, spray one pizza pan and cookie sheet with diamond dust glitter spray
  3. Spray other pizza pan with gold glitter spray
  4. Cut out of your burlap 2 large bunny ears (bunch the bottoms and glue together to give dimension) 
  5. Spray the inside of your burlap bunny ears with pink spray paint
  6. Glue bunny ears to back of white cookie sheet
  7. Glue on your large eyes to cookie sheet and draw on eyebrows with a black marker
  8. Cut 3 large pieces of your black wire twisting them together to make whiskers
  9. Twist all 6 ends of your wire into loops and glue to center of pan
  10. Glue a pink button over the center of your wires for a nose
  11. Wrap the bottom of your pan with some burlap or hemp twin (glue in place) 
  12. Glue some flowers by your bunnies ear and one on the corner of the twine
  13. Add a ribbon to the back to hand it from
  14. Take your gold pan and glue a large piece of the yellow boa to the top of it
  15. Lay your pan over a large piece of white craft foam and trace the bottom half of your pan about half way up
  16. Remove pan and draw zig zags across the top of your half circle, cut out and glue to the front of your pan (making an egg shell)
  17. Glue on 2 large wiggle eyes and a orange felt beak
  18. Drawn on with a black marker your eye brows
  19. Cut out and glue on a piece of ribbon to the back to hang it from 
  20. Take your white craft foam and cut out 2 large bunny feet
  21. Cut out 6 small circles and 2 larger circles from your pink craft foam or craft felt
  22. Glue the circles to your bunny feet
  23. Glue feet to the front of your white pizza pan
  24. Glue a large white pom pom to the center of pan
  25. Cut out and glue a ribbon to the back to hang it from (optional add a couple flower to the front of the ribbon)



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