Shark Easter Basket

Shark Easter Basket sm

Shark Easter Basket


  1. Blue Easter Basket
  2. Blue Craft Felt 3-4 pieces
  3. White Craft Felt 1 piece
  4. Glue (I used hot glue and a glue gun)
  5. Large wiggle eyes
  6. Cardboard
  7. Scissors
  8. Basket filler

Items I used for basket stuffers

  1. Shark swim trunks and shirt
  2. Shark goggles
  3. Shark flip flops
  4. Misc. Shark Toys
  5. Misc. Easter treats


    1. Glue 2 pieces of blue felt together 
    2. Glue the felt to the back side, top of the basket (should cover the entire back half) 
    3. Glue the top of the felt to the basket handle (pulling tight)
    4. Trim excess felt from around handle
    5. Cut white felt across the bottom in zig-zags making shark teeth (make 2 sets)
    6. Glue 1 set of shark teeth around top of handle (along edge of blue felt)
    7. Glue 2nd set of teeth around top of basket on the front side
    8. Cut out 2 round pieces of blue felt (just bigger than your wiggle eyes) and glue wiggle eyes to it 
    9. Cut out of card board a shark fin 
    10. Glue cardboard fin to a piece of blue felt (cut out)
    11. Cover back side of fin with felt and cut out
    12. Cut out 2 more smaller pieces of blue felt in the shape of small fins
    13. Glue large cardboard fin to the top of your basket in the back along the felt seam
    14. Glue your smaller fins to each side of the basket
    15. Glue your wiggle eyes to the top of the handle just between your fin
    16. Fill your basket with basket filler, fun shark and Easter items



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