3 Fantastic Father’s Day Hand print Card Ideas

3 fantastic fathers day cards sm

3 Fantastic Father’s Day

Hand print Card Ideas


  1. Card stock or Construction paper
  2. Child’s photo
  3. Scissors
  4. Markers
  5. Craft paint (red)
  6. Glue
  7. White pom pom 

Baseball Card- Directions:

  1. Trace childs hand on a sheet of brown paper (trace wide around the fingers)
  2. Draw a section across the hand between the thumb and pointer finger for the webbing on the glove
  3. Cut out glove/ hand print (see pictures below)
  4. Cut out a circle/ baseball from white paper that fits in the center of the glove
  5. Draw 2 red lines on the baseball, have the child dip their fingers in red paint and make the stitches on the glove
  6. Cut out a picture of the child into the same size or slightly smaller than the baseball
  7. Glue image to center of hand/ glove
  8. Glue the baseball at the top and lay it on top of the image (make it so the baseball covers the image and can lift easily to show the picture below)

Tool Bag card Directions:

  1. Trace child’s hand onto a sheet of gray paper
  2. At the top of each finger draw a tool (see pictures)
  3. Cut out hand print 
  4. Fold a piece of brown paper in half and slide the handprint just inside so the tool/ fingers are up out of the top (fold on the side)
  5. Cut out the brown paper in the shape of a tool bag so the base of the hand fits inside it
  6. Glue the handprint inside the tool bag
  7. Glue a childs photo inside and write Happy Fathers Day
  8. Decorate the bag as desired

Gold Card Directions:

    1. Fold green paper in half and trace childs hand onto it with the fold at the bottom of their hand
    2. Cut out handprint with fold at the bottom
    3. Cut out a flag pole from gray paper and a red flag glued to the top
    4. On the font of your handprint card glue your flag with a black circle/ hold just under it
    5. Glue a white pom pom near the hole and a few lines (see pictures)
    6. Glue a childs photo on the inside and write “You are the Best dad by par”



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