Dinosaur Easter Basket

dinosaur easter basket smmm

Dinosaur Easter Basket


  1. Blue Easter basket
  2. Green fabric
  3. Foam cone
  4. Green craft felt or fabric
  5. Large wiggle eyes
  6. Hot glue and glue gun
  7. Scissors
  8. Cardboard
  9. Basket filler
  10. Dinosaur Items (dinosaur eggs, dinosaurs, Dinosaur Summer gear, ect.) 


    1. Cut pieces of cardboard in triangles (measure to fit handle)
    2. Cover each triangle piece with fabric (glue in place, trim excess)
    3. Glue each triangle to your basket handle
    4. Glue 2 each large wiggle eyes to a piece of green fabric or felt and trim around each eye leaving just an edge of green
    5. Cover a foam cone in fabric (glue and trim)
    6. Glue your cone to the top front of your basket
    7. Glue an eye on each side of your cone
    8. Cut 2 more pieces of cardboard in the shape of horns, cover in fabric and glue on each side of eye on front of basket
    9. Fill basket with basket filler
    10. Add Dinosaur and Easter items



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