Elephant Diaper Cake

elephant diaper cake sm

Elephant Diaper Cake


  1. rubber bands (clear and regular)
  2. Diapers (I used a small pack of about 32)
  3.  Receiving blanket
  4. Pacifier
  5. 2 Matching bibs
  6. 2 Small buttons
  7. Wire (any gauge)
  8. Tape
  9. Glue dots
  10. Ribbon
  11. Scissors 


    1. Roll 2 sets of 4 each diapers (securing each roll with a rubber band) then secure the groups of 4 together with a larger rubber band
    2. Roll 2 sets of 9 each diapers (securing each roll with a rubber band) then secure the groups of 9 in a round shape with a larger rubber band
    3. Set the 2 sets of 9 on their sides and but them up to each other, secure with a rubber band
    4. Take 2 diapers and open them up (lay on top of each other), roll a third diaper and place it at one end on the inside of them, fold the bottom 2 diapers up and around the rolled diaper securing in place with a rubber band (this makes the head and trunk).
    5. Lay the other end of the 3 diapers that is open on the top end of your 18 diaper set (flatten it out to shape the head with the trunk hanging down in front of it)
    6. Secure with another rubber band
    7. Cut some wire to fit the inside outer edge of your bibs, tape the wire on the inside (making the bib more flexible and ridged)
    8. Wrap the 2 bibs around the head of the elephant
    9. Wrap your 18 diapers behind the bib ears with a receiving blanket tape in place and add a ribbon around to secure in place
    10. Adjust your ears (you can poke it into your receiving blanket to hid the extra material
    11. Poke a pacifier in the back end of your 18 diaper body for a tail
    12. Use glue dots to stick your buttons onto your face for eyes
    13. lay the 18 set of diapers onto of your 2 groupings of 4 for the feet



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  1. Savannah

    How are you supposed to kept the body of the elephant in facts with the feet?

    1. Lizzi

      How can u make a video without sound n no proper directions?

  2. Mary

    How do you keep the feet attached to the body?

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Hi there for the feet I did not attach them to the body, I just placed the body on top (however you could use a piece of clear twine and wrap it from the feet and up over the body to secure in place) if you do not want them to be separate.

  3. Justo Rubio

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  4. Carrie

    This is an absolutely adorable project kudos for the great idea! I just think you need to slow the video down and have more detailed instructions especially for the two most difficult parts, making the head and ears.


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