School Supplies Cake

school supplie cake smm

School Supplies Cake

Celebrate back to school by making this fun School Supplies Cake to give to your teacher


  1. 3 round boxes- different sizes
  2. string and ribbon
  3. rubber bands – large
  4. School supplies (Crayons, scissors, glue, glue sticks, markers, pencils, hand sanitizer, water colors, ect 


  1. Stack your 3 boxes largest to smallest
  2. begin laying out your rows of supplies
  3. we used our crayons for the middle layer since they fit there the best and used the larger items like glue and watercolors for the bottom layer
  4. Tie or rubber band your school supplies to your boxes- secure well so they do not move around
  5. Once you have your school supplies where you want them add some ribbon over your rubber bands or string

These are so fun for back to school as a great teacher appreciation gift or for an art or craft party. 



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