Shark Flip-Flop Wreath

shark flip flop wreath smm

Shark Flip-Flop Wreath

Shark Flip-Flop Wreath


  1. 3 pairs of flip flops (we found some really cheap from Old Navy when they had one of their sales)
  2. Jagged Edge wood piece HERE
  3. Rope or Hemp Cord
  4. Craft paint – grey
  5. Paint brush
  6. Scissors
  7. Hot Glue and Glue gun
  8. White Paint Pen


    1. Lay out your flip flops in a round shape the way you want it to look
    2. Take each flip flop and cut bit marks out of them – be aware of how you want each flip flop to look on the wreath when you add your bite marks
    3. Hot glue each flip flop together one at a time, be sure to let each one cool in between so they do not shift
    4. Paint your wood piece grey or other desired color
    5. Once dry use your white paint pen and draw on “Beware of Sharks” or other desired quote
    6. If your sign does not come with rope or cord glue some on the back or wrap around the front for a little extra
    7. Tie your sign to your flip flip straps
    8. Hang on your door from the strap of your top shoe



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