PVC Kiddie Car Wash – Slip N Slide Water Park

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PVC Kiddie Car Wash – Slip and Slide Water Park


  1. 4 each  4′ pieces 1″ PVC Pipe (top cross bars) or ( 2 – 4ft and 4 – 2ft  pieces if you are doing 2 sprinkler attachments)
  2. 12 each 5′  pieces 1″ PVC Pipe (6- side cross bars and 6- bottom cross bar supports) 
  3. 16 each  3′ 6″ pieces  1″ PVC Pipe (arch way/ side pieces)
  4. 8 each 1″ PVC T-joints
  5. 12 each 1″ PVC 90
  6. 4 each 1″ PVC cross joints
  7. 4 each 1″ threaded PVC T-joints 
  8. 1 to 2 each hose adapters
  9. Pool noodles- we used about 20
  10. Lots of sponges
  11. Plastic table cloth, shower curtain or vinyl table cloth (bright color)
  12. Strong string
  13. drill and small drill bit
  14. tape measure 
  15. pvc cutters
  16. PVC Adhesive (this is not required but recommended for long term use)
  17. Optional – slip n slide


  1. Begin by prepping all of your pieces, if you do not have the pvc cutters the store will sometimes cut the pipe for you
  2. Refer to image below for assembly
  3. Once assembled you will want to drill your holes- first begin by checking out how much water pressure you have.
  4. Attach your hose and turn on to see how much pressure is coming through your 2 sprinkler heads, if you have an abundance you can start drilling your holes
  5. Start by drilling several small holes in 1 to 2 of your other top braces or your side braces- check your water pressure between each section to see if you can add more
  6. We had 2 hoses attached (see image below) with a lot of water pressure so we where able to have 2 sprinkler heads and holes drilled in both the other top braces and all 6 side braces
  7. Next begin to decorate- we added pool noodles up and down each side and hung them from the front entrace
  8. We also hung sponge bombs across the top braces- make them by cutting up several sponges and tying the pieces together with a string in the center about 8-9 1″ wide pieces
  9. Lastly we cut up a vinyl table cloth and tied the pieces to the last top brace 
  10. Optional- since we placed ours in the grass we laid out a large slip n slide down the center for the kids to slide through the car was on

Extra tip: we found that the weight of the water running through it made it want to tip so we pushed out the side legs so it had almost a bowing affect or an A frame look and this balanced it out and made it stable. For extra stability if using it in grass add ground steaks to hold in place. 




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