Glowing Spider Egg Jars

Glowing spider egg jars smm

Glowing Spider Egg Jars

These glowing spider jars are super easy, inexpensive and look amazing! You can find all of your supplies at your local dollar store, you cannot get much better than that 😉 These are a must have item for any Halloween party! 


  1. Mason jars with lids
  2. Cotton balls 
  3. Glow sticks
  4. Plastic spiders


  1. Fill your jar with cotton balls and spiders (spiders should be placed on the outside edge of the jar with the cotton balls as filler)
  2. Crack your desired glow sticks and poke them down the center of your jar so they are hidden behind your cotton balls
  3. replace your lids and place jars in a dark room
  4. enjoy your spooky Halloween decor (glow sticks only last for about 24 hours once cracked so be sure to purchase lots of them for multiple night use)



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