DIY Creepy Witch Eyeball Book

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DIY Creepy Witch Eyeball Book

DIY Creepy Witch Eyeball Book

DIY Creepy Witch Eyeball book

This is such a fun and inexpensive craft to add to your Halloween decor.


  1. Dollar store or clearance book
  2. Dragon Eye HERE
  3. Tissue paper (I used purple)
  4. Acrylic craft paint (I used black, purple, dark red and a red/brown)
  5. Texture paste
  6. Deco Pauge HERE
  7. Paint brush
  8. Glue (I used hot glue)
  9. Other embellishments ( i had a creepy spider and snake I used to add a little extra to the book)
  10. Optional: fine glitter
  11. NOTE Find the Skull Candlesticks shown in the picture HERE


  1. Paint your book a dark color if it is not already
  2. Take a piece of tissue paper and tear it the size of your book cover
  3. Paint your book cover with a layer of deco pauge and place your piece of tissue paper over it (the more wrinkled the tissue paper the better)
  4. Once your book is cover, add a layer of deco pauge over your tissue paper (embrace the wrinkles in it)
  5. Do this on both sides of your book and the spine
  6. Once dry glue your dragon eye onto the front of your book
  7. Mix some craft paint with your texture medium and dab it around your eyes edges so it appears to be part of your book
  8. Fade your texture medium and paint mixture out into the rest of the book, I mixed different colors with mine to add more than one color and dabbed it all over
  9. Let dry
  10. Add another coat of your deco pauge over your paint so it has the same finish (I also sprinkled some fine glitter on to the deco pauge while still wet to give it a sparkle)
  11. Once dry you can add other embellishments- I added a snake and spider to mine


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