Nightmare Before Christmas Bathroom

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Nightmare Before Christmas Bathroom

Jack Skellington Bathroom Ideas – my kids just love Nightmare before Christmas so we decided for this year we where going to go all out and do a Jack Skellington Bathroom, We pieced and parted as much stuff we could find that would go along with it. The kids are just over the moon excited about how it turned out, and let me tell you the pictures do not do it justice. We linked the items used below and the DIY for some of the items we made. We also are working on one of the guest bathrooms and included a link to a few items we are using in there. 

  1. Full details on how to make the nightmare before Christmas wreath HERE  Don’t want to make it, find some similar HERE 
  2. Full details on how to make the apothecary jars HERE Don’t want to make them, find some similar HERE
  3. Find the Jack Rug HERE
  4. Find the Pumpkin bathmat and toilet cover HERE
  5. Find the Shower curtain HERE
  6. Find the Curtain hooks HERE
  7. Find the Glowing Pumpkin Picture HERE
  8. Find the Nightmare before Christmas Towels HERE
  9. Find the Hand towels HERE 
  10. Skull Candle Stick Holders (not shown here ) HERE
  11. Jack Skellington Trash Can HERE and more HERE
  12. Halloween mason Jars (not shown here ) details HERE


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  1. Amanda Hall

    This is amazing! I love any & everything Nightmare Before Christmas. I was wondering where did you get the Black Candelabra with the Crow on it & Jack Skellington Soap Dispenser? This is just so great. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Hi there, Thank you so much, it was a lot of fun to put together. I found the black Candelabra at a local Michaels craft store—> . The crow I happened to have on hand but have seen them at most craft stores and even the dollar store on occasion. The Soap dispenser I purchased from Amazon but it unfortunately must be sold out since it is not currently showing on there 🙁

      1. Marie-Hélène Cusson

        You can find the soap dispenser at Spirits or Spencer’s!^^ ^^

  2. Lauren

    Where can I find a vanity mirror like the skulls and roses one pictured?

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Hi there, I found mine at a local Michael’s Craft store. –>

  3. Barbara Plas

    Where can I find the Dachshund 3 Pumpkins with the lights?


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