Creepy Zombie Cookies

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Creepy Zombie Cookies

Do you have a Zombie party or Halloween party coming up? Try making these super fun and easy Creepy Zombie Cookies. These are so fun and the kids where in love with how adorable and spooky they look. These make for a fun party idea as well, let the kids start with their green cookies, give them some icing, eyeballs and sprinkles then let them decorate away. 


  1. Sugar cookie dough (prepackaged or your favorite recipe)
  2. Green food coloring
  3. White Candy melts
  4. Red Candy melts
  5. Black frosting
  6. Edible eyes and Edible bloodshot eyes


  1. Mix your sugar cookie dough with green food coloring
  2. Bake per normal directions
  3. Once cool use your black frosting to make stitches and “X’s” for eyes
  4. Place your edible eyes on your stitched X’s per your liking (We did some with bloodshot, some with regular , half and half and some with only one eye)
  5. Add some white candy melt stripes for gauze
  6. Drizzle/ splatter red candy melts randomly for blood
  7. Enjoy


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