Stacked Halloween Jars

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Stacked Halloween Jars

Frankenstein and Witch Stacked Halloween jars, these make for super fun party favors, school treat ideas or even just to have around your house at Halloween time. They where super easy and quick to make and the kids even got to help out with making their own. 


  1. Small Jars HERE
  2. Colored candies (we used Kisses in green and purple)
  3. Witch hat HERE
  4. Small Brooms HERE
  5. Wiggle eyes
  6. Bolts/ nuts
  7. Raffia
  8. Green craft paper 
  9. Scissors
  10. Glue (we used a hot glue gun)
  11. Black marker (we used a paint marker)


  1.  Cut out of your craft paper a witch nose
  2. Glue on your witch eyes, nose raffia for hair and your hat
  3. Draw on your witch mouth with your black marker
  4. Fill your jars with candy
  5. Glue your witch head jar to the top of your second jar
  6. Glue on your witch broom to the bottom jar
  7. For frankie Glue on your wiggle eyes and bolts
  8. Draw on his mouth and stitches with your black marker
  9. Fill your jars with candies
  10. Glue your frankie head jar to the top of your second jar
  11. Add any additional embellishments you desire


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