Zombie and Skeleton handprints

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Zombie and Skeleton Handprints

These Zombie and Skeleton handprints are so easy and such a fun Halloween craft idea for kids of all ages, my little guy (age 5) just loved making them and had no problem doing it all by his self. 


  1. Craft paper (green and black)
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Q-tips
  5. Red paint or marker
  6. Black marker
  7. Wiggle eyes
  8. Buttons


  1. Trace childs hand on to your green paper and one on your black paper
  2. Cut out the hand prints from both black and green
  3. Have the kids glue on q-tips that are cut in half onto their black paper hand for bones
  4. For the green zombie, have them glue on one wiggle eye and one button 
  5. Dab bits of red paint onto a small piece of white paper or use a marker
  6. Cut it into small strips and glue to your green handprint for bloody gauze
  7. Take a black marker and draw stitches randomly onto your green zombie

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