Christmas Mason Jar lid Ornaments

mason jar lid ornaments smm

Christmas Mason Jar lid Ornaments

These Christmas Mason Jar lid Ornaments are super easy and fun to make, they will make a wonderful addition to our tree this year, not to mention the kids and I had a blast making up a bunch of these. You really can do any design you want, the possibilities are endless. 


  1. Mason jar lid and ring (we used the large mouth size)
  2. Craft felt or craft paper
  3. Wiggle eyes
  4. black marker
  5. Scissors
  6. glue (we used hot glue but if working with younger children just a basic craft glue should work)
  7. pom pom (white and very small red)
  8. Misc. embellishments
  9. Ribbon to hang it from


    1. Trace the outside of your mason jar lid to make the circle for your face on your felt
    2. cut out your felt circle and glue to your lid
    3. glue on eyes, felt mustache, red nose, ect
    4. draw on your elf face
    5. Glue your mason jar lid into your ring
    6. Cut out of felt your Santa hat and elf hat (place your lid just over your felt to measure how wide you want your hat, give a little extra on the side to fold over the lid) 
    7. Cut out a small strip of white and red for the brim of your hats (glue on)
    8. glue on your hat and a pom pom at the end
    9. add any embellishments
    10. add a ribbon to the back to hang them from


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