Paper bag Turkey

paper bag turkeys smm

Paper bag Turkey

If you are looking for a simple and fun Thanksgiving craft, this classic and popular idea, Paper bag turkeys are the way to go, 


  1. Paper bag
  2. Wiggle eyes
  3. Craft paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue 
  6. Feathers


  1. Cut out of craft paper some feet, beak and waddle
  2. On the back side of your bag (on the flap portion) glue on your wiggle eyes, beak and waddle
  3. on the bottom glue on your feet
  4. Flip over your bag and on the other side glue on your feathers (or paper feathers)
  5. Have fun! The great thing about these, they can be used as turkey puppets 😉 

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