Craft Stick Nativity Scene and Manger

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Craft Stick Nativity Scene and Manger

This easy Craft Stick Nativity Scene and Manger is so simple and fun for kids to make, I glued all of the pieces together first and then let the kids color and decorate theirs how they desired. This made for a quick and fun Christmas project, and works great to hang on the tree as an ornament. 


  1. Jumbo craft sticks
  2. regular craft sticks
  3. Craft fluff or cotton ball
  4. Markers
  5. Glue 
  6. Scissors
  7. snowflake or star


  1. lay out you jumbo craft sticks in a row
  2. glue a small craft stick to the back to hold them in place
  3. glue 2 more jumbo craft sticks across the top to make a roof line (see images)
  4. trim excess craft sticks away from roof line
  5. cut a jumbo craft stick in half to make your people
  6. cut the end off another jumbo craft stick to make your baby
  7. cut in half a regular sized craft stick and glue in a v shape for your manger (see images)
  8. glue on your people and baby to the bottom half of your building
  9. glue another large jumbo craft stick across the bottom to cover the bottom half of your people
  10. glue on your manger and some cotton fluff 
  11. Color your people and baby
  12. Glue on a snowflake or star at the top of your roof

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