Craft Stick Elf

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Craft Stick Elf

This easy craft stick elf is super simple and makes for a fun Christmas project, I whipped this guy up to add as an elf on the shelf idea (our elf got crafty one day and made a portrait of himself). 


  1. Jumbo Craft Sticks
  2. Wiggle eyes
  3. Craft paint and brush
  4. Black marker
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Craft paper or felt
  8. Pom Pom 
  9. Misc. embellishments


  1. Glue your craft sticks together (line several in a row and place 2 smaller ones across the back, gluing in place)
  2. Cut out of craft paper or felt a hat, and ears
  3. Glue on your hat 
  4. Glue on the ears
  5. Add a white pom pom to your hat
  6. Glue on some wiggle eyes
  7. Draw on your mouth with a maker 
  8. use craft paint to make pink cheeks
  9. Add any other misc. embellishments you desire

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