Craft Stick Elf Door

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Craft Stick Elf Door

I whipped up these fun Elf doors for the arrival of our elf on the shelf this year, I really wanted to have a fun door that they come through this year. These elf doors will be great additions to add to the wall for just the short time our elf is here, easy access for them to go back and fourth to the north pole. 


  1. Jumbo craft sticks
  2. Regular size craft sticks
  3. Button, bead, gem, ect.. (door knob)
  4. Craft Wire or craft felt
  5. Evergreen/ pine garland/ chenille stem
  6. Ribbon
  7. White and red craft paint
  8. paint brush
  9. Glitter 
  10. Snowflake embellishment or other embellishments
  11. Glue


  1. lay out several jumbo craft sticks (we used 6)
  2. Align the craft sticks the way you want your door to look
  3. Glue on 2 regular sized craft sticks on the front of your jumbo craft sticks (see images)
  4. Paint your door/ craft sticks red (or desired color)
  5. Dab on some white paint and glitter at the top of your door for snow
  6. Bend and shape some wire to make hinges or cut out some hinges from craft felt and glue on
  7. Glue on a button, bead or gem for a door knob
  8. Shape a evergreen chenille stem into a wreath (add a bow and snowflake) glue to front of your door
  9. Add any other embellishments you desire
  10. To attach to wall we used a small 3-M adhesive strip 
  11. Note this door does not open and does not have a back frame, it simply attaches directly to the wall 

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