DIY Grinch Shoes


DIY Grinch Shoes

These DIY Grinch Shoes are so much fun and are adorable for any Holiday occasion. These would be perfect to add some bells and bling to make them over the top Ugly sweater shoes. 


  1. Canvas shoes (found mine HERE) or more HERE
  2. Craft Paint and markers
  3. Black Sharpie or fabric marker
  4. White Marabou boa HERE
  5. Green Marabou boa HERE
  6. Glue


  1. If you shoes have laces, remove them first
  2. Paint the front half of your shoes a lime green color (Grinch green)
  3. Paint the back heel of your shoe red
  4. Once dry sketch out your Grinch face (if you don’t draw well you can always trace the face on from your favorite Grinch design)
  5. Fill in your face with craft paint or I traced mine with a black sharpie
  6. Optional- for longer lasting colors seal your shoes with a scotch guard or acrylic paint sealer
  7. Glue on the front top half of your shoe a green feather boa (only up the the red section, see pictures)
  8. Glue on your white boa on the top back half of your shoes (over the red section)
  9. Optional – add bells, gems, ect.. to make them more fun and great for a Ugly sweater party

Don’t want to make Grinch shoes? Find more GRINCH SHOES HERE for purchase


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