Paper Strips Christmas Crafts

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Paper Strips Christmas crafts

Looking for a quick and easy Christmas Paper craft for kids? These Paper strip Christmas crafts are the way to go, they are super fun and easy for most all ages, the kids had a blast making these and they look adorable. 


  1. Craft paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Wiggle eyes
  5. Pom poms
  6. Gems
  7. Snowflake
  8. Craft paint
  9. Marker


  1. cut lots of brown and green craft paper strips
  2. For the tree have the kids glue green strips of paper smallest to largest as they make their way down
  3. Glue a brown piece at the bottom for the trunk
  4. Glue some pom poms or gems randomly on their tree and a large snowflake for the star
  5. For the Rudolph have them glue brown strips in a round pile
  6. Cut out some antlers, a nose and ears from brown craft paper and glue on
  7. Glue on some wiggle eyes and a red pom pom nose 
  8. For the lights draw with a marker a squiggle line around the paper and have the kids dip their fingers into craft paint to make the ornaments


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