Pine Cone Tree Christmas Scene

pine cone tree scene smm

Pine Cone Tree Christmas Scene

Have you seen these adorable pine cone Christmas trees that are such a popular Christmas craft to make? We just love the idea and thought we would put a spin on it and make a Pine cone tree Christmas scene, they are super fun and easy for kids to make and are a wonderful keepsake. 


  1. Pine Cone (we used the scented kind for fun)
  2. Paper or plastic plate
  3. Small gift
  4. Pom poms
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Child’s picture- cut out
  8. Small piece of white paper
  9. Any misc. embellishments


  1. Glue the pine cone to your paper or plastic plate
  2. Cut out child’s photo
  3. Take a small piece of white paper and cut into a little square about 1″x 1″
  4. Fold the paper in half and glue the photo to one side, glue the other side down to your plate so the photo stands upright
  5. Glue some pom poms to your tree and some white ones for snow on the plate
  6. Glue your small gift to your plate as well
  7. Add any other decorations or embellishments


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