Rudolph Treat Bags

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Rudolph Treat Bags

These Rudolph Treat Bags are so simple and fun for kids to make, they work great for school holiday parties, giving them somewhere to put their treats to take home. 


  1. Paper Bag
  2. Small Bells
  3. Brown and red Craft Paper
  4. Black maker
  5. Glue
  6. Red pom pom (large)
  7. Large wiggle eyes
  8. Clothes pins
  9. scissors


  1. Cut out of brown craft paper ear, nose and antlers
  2. Glue your antlers onto your clothespins
  3. Fold the top of your bag over and add your antler clothespins to hold it closed
  4. Glue on 2 large wiggle eyes
  5. Glue on your ears and nose
  6. Glue on your red pom pom nose over top
  7. Draw on your mouth with a black marker
  8. Cut out a red piece of craft paper and glue to the bottom, glue on bells



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