Fizzing Rainbow Pot of Gold

fizzing rainbow pot of gold smmm

Fizzing Rainbow Pot of Gold

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive craft project or experiment for St. Patrick’s day or just something to keep the kiddos busy then you have to try out the fizzing rainbow pot of gold. We did so many eruptions in one day that we went through 2 gallons of vinegar but the kids sure loved it. The beautiful colors that came out of it just amazed the kids and of course who does not love making a mess and playing with gold coins. 



  1. Plastic Cauldron I used this one HERE
  2. Plastic gold coins HERE
  3. 3 small cups (I just used some left over party cups)
  4. Water
  5. Baking Soda (we used about (2-5 Tablespoons per cup- if you use about 3-5 it makes it extra foamy)
  6. A dash of dish soap
  7. Vinegar (we used a gallon and did about 3 large eruptions)
  8. Washable paint, liquid watercolors or food coloring


  1. Place 3 cups inside your cauldron
  2. Fill each cup 80% of the way up with water
  3. Add your paint, liquid water color or food coloring to each cup, one color per cup (we did the 3 primary colors so they would mix together as they erupted)
  4. Add a dash of dish soap and baking soda to each cup, stir
  5. Pour water in your cauldron around your cups to fill in the gaps so your foam goes over the edge of the pot and not into it. 
  6. Throw in a handful of gold coins into your cups and onto the ground around the pot (we found not many coins came out in the eruption but the kids still liked the idea)
  7. Start pouring in your vinegar (do this slowly to make the eruption last longer) 

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