Love Bug Applesauce

love bug applesauce smm

Love Bug Applesauce

These Love Bug Applesauce cups are super easy and fun to make, they work great for kiddos to give for a school valentines day party or just for a fun valentine. 


  1. Applesauce cups
  2. Wiggle eyes
  3. Chenille stems
  4. Foam glitter hearts
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors  


  1. Glue wiggle eyes onto the front side of your applesauce cup
  2. Glue larger glitter hearts to the bottom (wrapper side) for feet 
  3. Twist a chenille stem around a pencil to make it curly
  4. Cut the chenille stem in half
  5. Glue both haves to the top/ bottom of your applesauce cup
  6. Glue a heart to each of your chenille stems

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