Paper Plate Love Birds

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Paper Plate Love Birds

Paper plate crafts are so easy and fun to make, and these paper plate love birds are just too adorable not to make.


  1. paper plate (white or colored)
  2. scissors
  3. craft paint 
  4. Foam hearts
  5. small clothes pins (optional)
  6. craft paper
  7. Pom poms (optional)
  8. Glue
  9. Maker


  1. Cut your paper plate into the shape of your love bird (see pictures)
  2. Paint your plate if you desire
  3. Once dry glue on a foam heart for the wing and for the tail
  4. clip on some clothespin feet or make some craft paper feet and glue on
  5. cut out of craft paper a beak and glue on
  6. draw on an eye with a black maker
  7. add any other decorations or designs you like

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