Paper Plate Lacing Bunny

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Paper Plate Lacing Bunny

This paper plate lacing bunny is a great craft for the kiddos to do for Easter, not only is it fun and easy it is great to help kids with their find motor skills



  1. Yarns: pink and light pink
  2. Paper plate
  3. Tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Hole punch
  6. Markers: pink and black
  7. Glue stick


  1. Cut down the sides of the plate to create two bunny ears and round out the bottom. I used the round center circle as a guide for the edge of the ears as well as the rounded bottom.
  2. Take the two ends and glue them to the top of the plate to create ears. Round out the tops of the ears or leave them pointy.
  3. Fold the plate in half and draw a half heart on the fold.
  4. Keeping the plate folded, hole punch around the half heart, around the ears and three holes at the side of the head for whiskers.
  5. Now lets lace! Use a small piece of tape at the end of the yarn to prevent it from fraying. Lace around the boarder of the ears, then between them creating any pattern you’d like. Repeat the same process for the heart nose. Tie the loose ends on the back of the plate.
  6. Use light pink yarn and lace from one hole on the side of the nose to the holes on the edge to create whiskers.
  7. Glue on some large google eyes and draw some eye lashes and a smile.
  8. The laced bunny is ready to display!







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