Newer generation discovers Bob Ross and the Art industry struggles to keep up

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Bob Ross Internet Sensation

Newer generation discovers Bob Ross and the Art industry struggles to keep up

Bob Ross known for his popular late 80’s early 90’s TV show, who is also known for his “Happy Little Trees” has taken the world by storm once again. Bob Ross gained his popularity from the release of his show The Joy of Painting that quickly became a hit with his clear and easy instructions and his loveable personality. Once Bob Ross’s show was released in the late 80’s on PBS, in many states it quickly became a huge success, but as time and technology continued to grow there was a steady decline of views. The Bob Ross Corporation worked to keep up with the times by creating DVD’s of his shows. However, it was not until he began to air on Netflix that really brought his instructional methods back to life. With his soothing voice and constant words of encouragement “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents,” you cannot help but be drawn to him.


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I recently interviewed Kira Stigile from Quality Art Inc., a major supplier of Bob Ross products, she stated that “Since Netflix started airing Bob Ross instructional programs; the industry is having problems keeping up with the increased demand for all of his products.” Kira says if you walk through their retail store you can hear constant chatter from those who have started painting since discovering his methods. 

The demand has become so great for their Wholesale and Retail divisions she has had to post on occasion, out of stock on many of his products. Customers are having to wait for her shipments coming from overseas to fill the mass amounts of orders that have been flooding in. Already this year they have sold 30 times more than they did 2 years ago and the year has just begun.  “It has been wonderful to watch how the newer generation has gained interest and are taking additional steps to become certified to instruct using the Bob Ross method” stated Kira.  Kira feels very hopeful that with this new influx of certified instructors people will begin to realize the therapeutic and educational benefits of art in our daily lives.



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