How to train your dragon Easter Basket

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How to train your dragon Easter Basket

Do you have a little one who is in love with How to train your dragon? Well this super fun Easter basket was inspired by the new “How to train your Dragon, The Hidden World” and is sure to impress your kiddos. 



  1. Easter basket
  2. Black and White fabric – I found this dragon scale looking fabric at a local Walmart
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Black, white, blue and green craft felt
  6. Green and blue marker
  7. Basket filler


  1. Cover your Easter basket in your fabric (cover half with white and half with black) glue into place
  2. Cut out of your black and white fabric the ears/ horns/ scales, glue them to your basket
  3. Cut out of green and blue craft felt eye, use the black and white for the inside of the eyes 
  4. Use your green and blue makers to add extra to the eyes
  5. Glue your eyes into place
  6. Add your basket filler and any misc. items








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