Signs that Your Child Might Have ADHD

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Signs that Your Child Might Have ADHD


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD, is a mental disorder that can be fairly simple to self-diagnose if you’re looking for the right things. ADHD is best diagnosed and handled by a professional, but if you suspect that your child has ADHD you’ve come to a good place. Today I’m giving you some of the signs that your child may have ADHD.

Interrupting or trouble waiting for their turn

A child with ADHD can commonly have trouble understanding and knowing the needs of others, which results in them being first. This means that they could interrupt a conversations or have trouble waiting their turn in games or discussions.

Trouble focusing

This is a common and prevalent issue with kids with this disorder. They have trouble focusing on things for any length of time, which can interfere with their everyday tasks and lives.

Constant moving

Since children with this disorder cannot focus for long, they have trouble staying still as well. This can include fidgeting, squirming, or getting up when told to sit still. This can make playing or engaging quietly an issue too.

Avoidance of or unfinished tasks

Children with ADHD have trouble focusing on tasks, which makes it hard to finish or even start tasks they’re asked to do. This means things that take mental effort or focus will often be avoided, and tasks that are started will often be left unfinished.

Spacing out

Although it’s commonly thought that children with this disorder are loud and rambunctious, there are also plenty of kids with this that are quite reserved and quiet. Often kids like this may daydream and can be less involved with people and with life.

Bad memory

Kids that cannot focus for long on things can also easily forget what they’ve been told or other important things without meaning to. This means they could forget tasks or often lose or misplace things from forgetting.

Not just one

The biggest thing about ADHD symptoms is that these symptoms are often in tangent with each other and not only in one situation. Kids with this disorder would exhibit multiple symptoms in multiple environments, like at school AND at home.

Again, just as with any other disorder or ailment ADHD must be diagnosed and tested for by a doctor or mental health professional and these symptoms are not always an instant indicator of ADHD. These signs should help you get an idea of whether or not your child may need testing for this disorder. Good luck along your way, I wish you and your child the best.  

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