Chocolate Covered Strawberry Acorns


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Acorns

These fun little strawberries are the perfect fall treat, they are adorable and just the right amount of sweet. 



  1. Strawberries
  2. Pretzel stickes
  3. Sugar sprinkles
  4. Almond bark or Candy melts- brown and orange
  5. A dish to heat up the candy melts and a fork or spoon to stir with
  6. Wax paper


  1. Wash your berries well
  2. remove the green stem carefully
  3. Use a fork and dunk your strawberry into melted chocolate, almond bark or candy melts
  4. place on a wax sheet of paper and cool in the freezer for 1-5 minutes
  5. Once the coating has set dunk the top of your berry into orange candy melts and sprinkle with sugar sprinkles (we used gold and orange)
  6. Poke half of a pretzel stick into the top of your berry
  7. place back in the freezer for 1-3 minutes to set up the top half
  8. enjoy






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