Christmas Rolling Pins


Christmas Rolling Pins

These whimsical Christmas Rolling Pins are so fun and great to hang in your kitchen for the holidays, not only are they super fun but they look adorable. You can check out our Halloween Rolling pins as well HERE



  1. Rolling pins (find a 3 Pack HERE)
  2. Craft paints or basic spray paints – Green, Red, Brown, White, and Black
  3. Glitter Blast Spray paints (Bronze Blaze, Cherry Bomb, Citrus Green, Diamond Dust, Starry Night) Find some HERE
  4. Black, White, Red, Pink and Orange craft paints for the face details
  5. Paint Brush
  6. Black Sharpie
  7. Ribbon
  8. White Boa
  9. String or twine
  10. Bells
  11. Snowflakes
  12. Felt (brown and tan)
  13. Brown Jumbo Chenille stems 
  14. Scissors
  15. Glue- I used a hot glue gun


  1. Base your rolling pins in either craft paint or spray paint
  2. Add your glitter blast over the top once dry
  3. Let your glitter blast dry for several hours or the recommended 24 hours
  4. Once dry and cured you can start adding your details
  5. For the Rudolph we painted in the face details, added a ribbon and jingle bells for a collar, made some antlers out of chenille stems and felt ears
  6. For the Grinch we sketched on the face and filled in the details with paint then glued a white boa on for the Santa hat
  7. For the Gingerbread girl we added the details in with craft paints and a bow to finish it off
  8. For the Snowman we added the details in with craft paint and finished him off with a ribbon scarf and some snowflakes
  9. Once you are happy with your rolling pins, add some twine or string to the handle to hang them from 
  10. enjoy











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