Halloween Juice Box People


Halloween Juice Box People 

pre packaged school treat idea

These are so fun and make for great Halloween classroom treat ideas.




  1. Juice Boxes
  2. Raisins or Nerds (small boxes for feet)
  3. Smarties (arms)
  4. Apple sauce cups, Apple Sauce berry cups or Jello Fruit Cups (head)
  5. Witch hat HERE
  6. Raffia
  7. Wiggle eyes
  8. Glue
  9. Scissors
  10. Black Sharpie
  11. Black felt
  12. Pom poms or bolts
  13. Button
  14. Craft paper


  1. Glue 2 boxes of raisins or nerds to the bottom of your juice box for feet
  2. Glue a package of smarties to each side for arms
  3. Glue an apple sauce cup or jello fruit cup to the top for the head
  4. On the zombie glue one eye and one button on then use your sharpie for details- wrap some gaze around it and glue in place
  5. On the Frankenstein glue on some wiggle eyes, cut some black felt for the hair and glue on to the top, then glue on pom poms or bolts to the sides- use your sharpie to add details
  6. For your witch, cut some raffia and glue to the top of the apple sauce then glue your witch hat over that, glue on some wiggle eyes and a paper nose, use your sharpie to add details.
  7. Enjoy

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