Halloween Juice Bottles


Halloween Juice Bottles

Super fun and easy Halloween pre-packaged treat 



  1. Juice bottles (we used Little Hug Drink Barrels)
  2. Pom poms – silver/ grey or black
  3. Craft felt (black)
  4. Black Craft paper
  5. Buttons
  6. Wiggle eyes
  7. Cheese cloth, gauze or bandage wrap
  8. Green chenille stem and green craft paper
  9. Black sharpie
  10. Scissors
  11. Glue


  1. For Frankie, take a green juice barrel and wrap the top of it with a piece of black felt cut with zig zags at the bottom – glue in place
  2. Glue on 2 each wiggle eyes and 2 each pom poms to the sides of the juice 
  3. Use your sharpie to draw on the mouth and stitches
  4. For the Mummy we used a blue juice barrel and glue on 2 each wiggle eyes then wrapped it with gauze or cheese cloth – glue in place
  5. For the pumpkin we cut out of craft paper a face and glued on
  6. Take your green chenille stem and twist it around a pen – glue it to the top of the barrel- cut a leaf out of craft paper and glue on
  7. For your zombie glue a wiggle eye on one side and a button next to it on the other side
  8. Wrap some gauze around it randomly (we had some gauze that had fake blood so we used it)- glue in place
  9. Use your sharpie to add some stitches 
  10. Enjoy

NOTE: Adjustments can be made if you are making these for a child, for example you could use a sticker or a marker to draw on the eyes instead of using google eyes, ect… Please see all package/ manufacture guidelines of all the items you are using to make these for basic child safety precautions. 








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