Drive-In Movie Theaters Are Becoming Popular Once More


Drive-In Movie Theaters Are Becoming Popular Once More

With the uncertainty of the world today many people are returning back to their old ways, From Drive-In Movie Theaters to even Drive up Restaurants. 

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One Restaurant in Mingus, Texas BJ’S shared in a social media post ““When the world is shutting down we have to go back to our roots for entertainment. Here is a sneak peek of our mobile drive-in movie theatre. Looking for something to do Friday and Saturday night? Go to BJ’s Restaurant & Bar in Mingus, Texas. We will be playing THE SANDLOT at 8:30 PM. We will have a waitress car hop so come sit in your car and turn your radio to 90.3 FM to hear the movie and hang out.”


This is not the only restaurant owner out there getting creative, many are popping up all over the place.




With Theaters not said to start opening back up until mid to late July, restaurant owners are not the only ones getting creative, the film industry has been struggling so much with the lock downs they are also throwing around ideas and talk of bring back more drive-in theaters to help sales increase but still keep social distancing. 


In an official statement from Tribeca Enterprises, IMAX, and AT&T they said, “We’re excited to give people something to look forward to this summer and reinvent a classic movie going experience for communities to enjoy together safely.” Creating a new Drive in called the Tribeca Drive-In and is said to open on June 25. 


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Now with the pandemic and social distancing there have been some changes that are being experienced in current drive-in theaters such as cars are spaced at least 10 feet apart instead of side-by-side, and instead of sharing a speaker cars can only use one speaker at a time that is covered.


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Now we all hope for the world to go back to normal soon, but this may be our new normal and it might just be what we need. 

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