Halloween Night Spooky Box


Halloween Night Spooky Box


With Halloween being a little different due to Covid this year, we thought we would mix it up and do something fun for the kiddos since there might not be much in the way of trick or treating. We always love doing a Christmas eve box and figured this would be a fun spin on it, making it a Halloween night spooky box.  

Materials we used:

  1. Halloween tub, bin or box
  2. Filler items like Halloween Candy
  3. Stuffed animal (we used Sally HERE and Jack HERE)
  4. Halloween movie (we used Casper HERE and Ichabod HERE more ideas HERE)
  5. Halloween book (we used Big Pumpkin book HERE and Splat the Cat Pumpkin HERE more ideas HERE)
  6. Mugs or cups (Find the Skull ones used HERE)
  7. Pajamas 
  8. Popcorn packet
  9. Hot Cocoa Packet
  10. Socks




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