Rudolph Candy Cane Friends


Rudolph Candy Cane Friends



  1. Free Printable—> Rundolph Candy Cane Friend Template
  2. Brown and tan craft paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Red Pom Pom
  5. Wiggle eyes
  6. Glue
  7. Candy Canes


  1. Cut out your pieces using the printable template (the 3 small oval pieces tan the others in brown)
  2. Glue your antlers to the back of your large oval 
  3. Glue on some wiggle eyes
  4. Glue on one of the tan ovals for a nose and a red pom pom over that
  5. Glue the top and bottom half of your other 2 tan ovals on each side of your nose (bend the paper a bit so it sticks out and glue just the tops and bottoms, not the center- see images)
  6. Slide your candy cane between the 2 hands where the paper is bubbled out
  7. Enjoy





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