Winter Hat and Mittens Door Hang


Winter Hat and Mittens Door Hang

How cute is this winter door hat and mittens, it was so simple to throw together and looks adorable in my entry way. 



  1. Winter hat (found mine HERE)
  2. Small mittens (found at a local dollar tree)
  3. Pom Pom yarn (optional found HERE)
  4. Floral foam
  5. Misc. Winter greenery and filler 
  6. Optional – embellishments such as snowflakes


  1. Take your hat and poke some floral foam inside it
  2. Poke in your winter greenery and any other misc, flowers or holiday sprigs you like
  3. Glue inside your mittens some string, ribbon or yarn (attach together)
  4. Hang your mittens for the front inside of your hat (you can glue it for a more permanent hold or safety pin)
  5. Add any embellishments you desire (we added some snowflakes to our mittens)
  6. Tie your hats ends at the top to hang your hat from
  7. Enjoy


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