Christmas Candy Truck


Christmas Candy Truck


We all have those people in our lives that are super hard to shop for at Christmas time, well why not make them something cute, fun and edible. We put together this fun Christmas candy truck with all sorts of goodies, and it seriously looks adorable. You can set it out as a fun display for the holiday season or simply just make it for a cute Christmas gift. 


  1. appx 6 boxes of candy (movie theater sized)
  2. 3-4 snack sized snickers or other desired snack sized candy
  3. appx 14 standard sized York patties for tires/ wheels 
  4. 2 large candy canes
  5. 2 standard  Kit Kats\
  6. 2 packages of gum or a standard candy bar
  7. Case of coke or other desired soda drink (case of 12)
  8. Glue
  9. optional (cardstock and scissors)


  1. Place 3 of your large candy boxes on the longer end pointed up (glue one on each corner to the sides of the third pack- see images)
  2. Glue on the longer side a box of candy just on the insides of your other 3 (see images)
  3. Glue a third box on top
  4. Take 3-4 snack sized candies and glue to the front for a grill (we glued them to a piece of cardstock first and then attached for stability)
  5. Glue on the kit kats for a window and top of the truck and use some gum packs or a standard candy bar to make the top half of the truck and to prop the kit kat against.
  6. Glue on or tape on 2 each candy canes for the exhaust/ stacks
  7. Use your york patties for your wheels on your coke portion and your cab portion
  8. Enjoy 










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