Halloween Hand Treat Bags


Halloween Hand Treat Bags

How fun are these little Halloween treat bags? These fun little bags make great treats to hand out to your kiddos class, during a Halloween party, or even just as a fun treat to give to your kiddos. 


These little bags are so simple to throw together and you can add any kind of small toys, candy or other treats in them.

Materials needed: 

  1. Clear NON- latex gloves (find some here)
  2. Ribbon or sting 
  3. Wrapped candies, treats or small toys


  1. Simply take your gloves and fill them how you desire, we used longer candies like Twix and smarties to fill the fingers with and then added other misc. candies in them. Lastly tie off the bottom with some yard, ribbon or string. You can also add fun things like spider rings the the fingers or tie extra toys into the ribbon at the bottom. 
  2. Enjoy



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