Halloween Dirt and Worms Walking Dessert


Halloween Dirt and Worms Walking Dessert


Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate it with these fun little walking dessert bags that are sure to fright. We love making walking desserts such as our walking banana pudding dessert ,  walking strawberry cheesecake, Walking Cookies and Cream,  and even our Walking hot apple pie. But you have to have some fun holiday ones as well, so why not take the classic dirt and worms and spin it with making it into a walking treat for the kiddos. 


  1. Mini Oreo bags (personal sized packages)
  2. Chocolate pudding 
  3. Gummy worms


  1. Open your personal sized packages of mini Oreos (crush them in the bag if desire smaller pieces for dirt)
  2. Scoop in some Chocolate pudding into your Oreo bag
  3. Add your gummy worms
  4. Enjoy

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