Pumpkin Patch Jello Shot


Pumpkin Patch Jello Shot


Pumpkin Patch Jello Shots/Cups

Prep: 20 Minutes
In Active Time: 8 Hours
Cook: 8 Minutes

Serves: 7 cups for 5.5 oz. size or 14 shots for 2.2 oz. size


1 – 6 oz. box orange Jell-o
7 oreos cookies for 5.5 oz size or 14 oreo cookies for 2.2 oz. size
7 graham cracker halves for 5.5 oz. size or 14 graham cracker halves for 2.2 oz. size
14 mini candy pumpkins for 5.5 oz. size or 28 candy pumpkins for 2.2 oz size


Make jell-o as direct on package. If you would like to add rum then replace 1/2 cup cold water with 1/2 cup rum in the recipe.

Place the jell-o in the firdge for up to 8 hours or until set. Once jell-o is set move to the next step.

Remove centers of oreos and place them in a ziplock bag. Crush them with your hands or the flat part of a kitchen mallet.

Place graham crackers in a ziplock bag and crush them with your hands or the back of a kitchen mallet.

Sprinkle some oreos on the top of the of the jello cups. Add some graham cracker to the top and two mini candy pumpkins.

Serve cold!

Note: as in any adult beverage you must abide by your countries drinking laws and what the legal age limit is to drink. Please drink responsibly!






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