Scarecrow Nutter Butters


Scarecrow Nutter Butters


Scarecrow Nutter Butters

Makes: 10
Prep: 20 Minutes


10 nutter butter cookies
20 candy eye ball sprinkles
10 candy corn
6 half graham crackers
6 mini shredded wheat
1 tube black sparkle gel (wilton)
1 bag white candy melts (sweet tooth fariy)
1/2 cup orange candy melts (sweet tooth fairy)


Melt the white candy melts as directed on the bag. Each brand is different.

Dip the nutter butters in to the white candy melts and place on freezer paper (shiny side up or parchment paper). Add the toppings before the white candy melts dry.

Add the larger piece of graham cracker to the top. Add the candy eyes and the candy corn nose. Place the shredded wheat piece just below the graham cracker hat sides.

Melt the orange candy melts as directed. Brush some orange candy melts onto the graham cracker and then place the second graham smaller piece on top.

Draw on the mouth with the black sparkle gel.






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