Spring and Summer

Ladybug Jello Fruit Cup

lady bug jello cup e1451617871325

Ladybug Jello Fruit Cup Materials Used: Jello fruit cup, wiggle eyes, craft foam, sharpie, chenille stems and glue. NOTE: After making these little guys I found that someone also had a very similar idea as me, but she turned her…
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Turtle Jello Fruit Cup

Turtle Jello Cup e1451618441735

Turtle Jello Fruit Cup Materials: Green Jello Fruit Cup, Green Craft Foam, Wiggle Eyes, Scissors and Glue. Directions: Cut out a head, tail and 4 legs from your craft foam or construction paper, then glue to jello cup and add…
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Back to School Survival Kit

photo 2 e1451610641586

Back to School Survival Kit  We made this for my kids preschool teacher for back to school. The kit contains several art supplies, band aids, kids hand soap, Advil, chocolate and a new coffee mug.      

Egg Carton Flower Craft

eggcarton craft e1451610529448

Egg Carton Flower Craft Simple, inexpensive and fun craft! Cut out your flowers from an egg carton, preferably the cardboard kind (I don’t know how well the Styrofoam kind will paint). Paint them and hot glue them to a painted…
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Construction Site Footprint Craft

1 e1451610170186

Construction Site Footprint Craft CLICK HERE FOR OTHER FOOTPRINT IDEAS   So this week has sure been interesting. Many of you have noticed one very popular post missing from my blog this week “Construction Site Footprint Craft.” I have had…
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Frozen Birthday Party

frozen e1451609830950

Frozen Birthday Party      Giant Olaf Centerpiece         Olaf Birthday Door Wreath      Frozen Cupcake Cake Elsa, Anna, Olaf Cake            Frozen Food      Frozen Rice Krispies (Frozen Snowflakes)  …
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