Flower Kisses

Flower Kisses How fun and easy are these flower kisses? These make great little gifts for Valentines day or even for Mothers day. they are quick, easy and fun to make.  Materials: Flower Pattern HERE —> flower template Hershey kisses Craft…
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Paper Plate Photo Flowers

flower photo frame sm

Paper Plate Photo Flowers Materials: paper plate craft paint yellow paper jumbo craft sticks green chenille stems scissors glue child’s photo Directions: paint paper plate desired color, let dry cut out your photo into a circle, and cut your yellow…
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Wine Cork Stamped Poppy Flowers


Wine Cork Stamped Poppy Flowers I just absolutely love Poppy flower crafts they are too pretty and so much fun. I got the inspiration to do this from a similar craft that I fell completely in love with THIS POPPY…
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Egg Carton Flower Craft

eggcarton craft

Egg Carton Flower Craft Simple, inexpensive and fun craft! Cut out your flowers from an egg carton, preferably the cardboard kind (I don’t know how well the Styrofoam kind will paint). Paint them and hot glue them to a painted…
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