Paper Plate Photo Flowers

flower photo frame sm

Paper Plate Photo Flowers


  1. paper plate
  2. craft paint
  3. yellow paper
  4. jumbo craft sticks
  5. green chenille stems
  6. scissors
  7. glue
  8. child’s photo


    1. paint paper plate desired color, let dry
    2. cut out your photo into a circle, and cut your yellow paper into a circle just larger than your photo
    3. glue photo to center of yellow circle
    4. glue yellow circle and photo to center of your paper plate
    5. cut small triangular pieces out of your paper plate sides all the way around
    6. glue 2 jumbo craft sticks together, and then glue to the back of your plate
    7. wrap your chenille stem around your jumbo craft stick, glue in place
    8. bend a second chenille stem into the shape of leaves and glue to jumbo craft stick


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