Handprint Flower Photo Keepsake Card

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Handprint Flower Photo Keepsake Card


  1. Green, Brown and white paper (card stock or construction paper)
  2. Craft paint
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Child’s photo
  6. Pen or pencil
  7. Misc. embellishments


  1. Trace child’s hand onto green paper and cut out
  2. Place handprint over a brown piece of paper that is folded in half
  3. on the fold side draw out our flower pot just larger than the child’s hand¬†
  4. Cut out flower pot (be sure that one section of the pot is on the fold (see photos for reference)
  5. Glue handprint just inside the flower pot so the fingers all stick out
  6. Glue childs photo inside the flower pot
  7. Have the child dip their fingers into craft paint and dab it onto some white paper (one dot in the center and several around that one)
  8. Cut out your finger print flower (5 total)
  9. Glue 1 each flower to each finger
  10. Write on the front of your card a note (Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Easter, ect….)
  11. Add any desired embellishments



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